Executive Coaching

To be successful, a manager must know his or her strengths and be able to capitalize on them.  At some point every manager reaches the limit of those strengths; then one needs to develop new skills and capacities to sustain effectiveness. Or managers may need to adapt to a new situation where those strengths no longer serve. All leaders are limited to what they have known and what they can see.  They need the help of a coach who can see the whole playing field and who can develop new ways of working; a coach who can read and interpret the situation, identify the important work tasks, and develop strategies and tactics that will be successful. 

Leading others has more traps and difficulties. When leading others, the CEO needs particular help in assessing his/her own impact and understanding the organizational system. The CEO needs also to understand the most effective ways to use authority in that system, and to understand the inevitable reactions and demands that power and influence will generate.