Dick Nodell has more than thirty years' experience as an organizational consultant and leadership coach. For the past twenty years his work has primarily focused on the world of mission driven organizations and institutions. He consults with presidents and senior leaders to help lead their institutions through whatever phases of evolutionary change they find themselves in. Having worked with leaders in institutions as diverse as the University of Chicago, U.C. Berkeley, Wellesley College, Swarthmore College, Harvard Medical School, Public Radio International and WNYC Radio, Dick brings extensive experience in all dimensions of institutional leadership and especially to the roll out of strategic plans and establishment of successful leadership teams.

Aside from consulting to presidents on the full range of their engagements, his experience includes consulting to leaders managing disruptive change like that of the integration of new technologies, managing conflict within and between constituencies, and developing new organizational structures and policies. In addition to working with CEO’s, Dick has worked directly with leaders of a variety of functions including Institutional Advancement, Operations, Human Resources, Finance, , Marketing and Communications. At institutions of higher education he has also worked with leaders in Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Enrollment. Since all institutional leadership necessarily means leading an ongoing emergence, Dick’s work often focuses on managing the impact of change on the people and relationships needed for success.